Our Heartfelt Thanks!

The Board of Trustees of Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc would like to acknowledge and express its sincere gratitude to those who participated as readers / performers in our recent History in ACTion: A Festival of New Historic Drama. The Board also thanks Mr. Dan McCormick the festival director. Theatre practitioners included: Andrea Attaway-Young, Joyce Barnes, Marsha Bayless, Ocean Brown, Skye Brown, Rachel Charles, Mary Helen Crockett, Dan Davis, Cheryl Dern, Russ Dern, Keegan Derosier, Tiffany Derosier, Mike DiCuirci, Bob Ford, Elijohn McCoullough, Kiersten Farmer, Bennyce Hamilton, Timothy Haney, Shavelta Harding, Chris Hicks, Nathan Hudson, Alan Bomar Jones, Shirley Lambeck, Justin Lampkins, Tennyson Love, Kathryn Mobley, Vince Moore, Citlalith Navarro, Ruth Ann Peck, Mario Scrimizzi, A Slate, Shawn Smith, Toni Smith, Lisa Stokely, Rachel Terrell, Matthew Thoma, Erinn Williams, Jeff Wilson, and Claire Dorothy Zook. Thank you for helping Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc in its journey to restore outdoor theatre to our community.